The Duffel is your week long travel parter, or your adventure duffel buddy. What can be a simple bucket style duffel quickly converts into a book style carry on, then quickly into a backpack for ergonomic and hands-free travel.

Just like all Fuller Foundry products the Duffel is made with water-repelling materials, robust Hypalon and sleek features. More than just an empty bag for hauling the duffel has convenient storage throughout with slip pockets, laptop storage, toiletry storage, and a waterproof shoe/laundry compartment. The shoe compartment can fit either 2 shoes or a size 16 boot.

Want to carry everything with the duffel? Laptop compartments and storage compartments make this the perfect carry-all.

Dimensions: 14"L x 9"W x 22"H
Size: 45L
Use: Week-Long Packing, Cargo Hauling, Duffel Stuff


  • Multiple Modes
    • Attach both straps for backpack mode
    • Attach single strap for sling duffel mode
    • No straps for suit case mode
  • Hypalon lid for duffel access
  • TSA Compliant Laptop Compartment
  • Middle zipper for book style packing
  • No wrinkle compression straps


  • Dimensions: 14"L x 9"W x 22"H
  • Size: 45L
  • Shoe Compartment: 2 x Regular Shoes OR 1 x Size 16 Boots

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